Swing Nose Crossing

We Manufacture swing nose crossing as per the specific requirements of our customers.

These crossings are beneficial to both High Speed and High Axle Load infrastructures, providing impact elimination, noise reduction and very low maintenance.

Swing nose crossings allow for the train wheel to pass through the turnout supported by the rail throughout. By movement of the nose of the crossing as well as the switch of the turnout the turnout track is uninterrupted from entrance to exit. The robust cast manganese cradle gives superior wear and durability performance to the crossing.

Fabricated crossing

We are a renowned manufacturer, supplier, and exporter of Fabricated V Crossing. Our designed Fabricated Crossings are cost effective and ideal solution for low traffic environments where Manganese Solutions are not required, These items have high tensile strength and high tolerance level. These products are developed from premium quality of material sourced from our most trusted and certified vendors. These products are extensively used in the track running over bridges. These items are used for easy and smooth running of the trains and require least maintenance. We offer these Fabricated V Crossings at most affordable prices to our precious customers. We have a fantastic range of Rail Profile and Sizes to choose from.

Diamond Crossing

Diamond crossing consists of 4 centre-block crossings made from austenitic high-manganese steel (AMS) with fishplate or welded-on closure rails and the corresponding check rails.

We are the manufacturer of complete diamond crossings (with double slip, single slip and without slip) as a single-source supplier of the key components, CMS Crossings and Switches.

Our clients benefit from assurance of complete and accurate fitment of the components inclusive of fittings and fastenings which can only be ensured in case of providing the complete turnout from a single source.

Further the logistics in the hand of the customer is being streamlined as through the complete supply from RV Rail there is no requirement of separate control that all components required reach the installation site on time which is always a critical part in case of split purchase of crossings, switches and fittings / fastenings

Spring Setting Device (SSD)

We manufacture SSD as per RDSO specification and drawing.

The Spring Setting Device ensures the correct setting of the switch rail . It gives exactly the required flange way clearance between the open tongue and stock rails at all times and that too up to the junction of Rail Heads (J.O.H.).

This device functions without any fault, each and every time when the switch is operated. It can be used on all the turnout designs of the railway tracks and has already proven to be perfect in every condition. It is very economical as well as it has a longer life. So this device is most essential & effective part of Railway systems.